Split Solar Street Light

Hitechled split solar powered LED street lights has separated Mono Crystalline solar panel and light head.

The split LED solar street light special feature

● Solar panel,lamp head, battery box separated design.
● Lamp head can be with long bracket
● Solar panel direction adjustable
● Rust-proof, dust-proof, water-proof.

The split solar street lights are widely used for main street, residential, pathway, parking lot, security, Mine lot, rural area,mountain area, etc.
separated solar street light

Why choose Hitechled split solar

street light?

●  Solar panel power optional, big power solar power generate more electrinic power.
● Solar panel direction freely adjustable, fit all location environment
●  LED lamp head optional, choose different LED lamp freely
●  LED lamp can be with long bracket, lighting area larger
●  Battery capacity can be as bigger, with longer backup time
●  Bigger power solution, suit for expressway, main street lighting

How does it work?

The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in Lithium Ion battery via controller, the LED light will work at night automatically under the light sensor control, and provide light for the different areas. It is mostly working to full brightness and brightness can be scheduled to save more power. The intelligent system will control the lamp according to the battery capacity and environment. It can be also with motion sensor solution for special lamp head design.
motion sensor effect
solar energy

Life Time

- Solar Panel: 25 Years;
- LEDs: 50,000Hrs;
- LiFePO4 Battery: 2,000 cycles;Normal Lithium Ion Battery 500~1000cycles

It means that with one installation,you can get at least 5 years free lighting.Every year,one HT-SS-SP220 equals to about 1200 Lbs co2 exhaust cut ,9 Trees planted ,2 cars off the road, 86G gasoline not used, $200 of electricity saved.





Solar Panel
LED Lamp
Charging Time
Discharging Time
Mounting height
160W polycrystalline
Lifespan 25 years
240W polycrystalline
Lifespan 25 years
320W polycrystalline
Lifespan 25 years
80W, 8,000~10,000lm 100W, 10,000~11,000lm 120W, 12,000~15,000lm
12V 80AH Lithium Ion Battery
>1500cycles, Lifespan >5 years
12V 120H Lithium Ion Battery
>1500cycles, Lifespan >5 years
24V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery
>1500cycles, Lifespan >5 years
4~6hours 4~6hours 4~6hours
Full power >10hrs
Saving mode 3 to 7 days
Full power >10hrs
Saving mode 3 to 7 days
Full power >10hrs
Saving mode 3 to 7 days
6-8m(suggested) 6-10m(suggested) 8-12m(suggested)


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